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The name of the hotel will be BEL CANDO SUITES, which belongs in the category of 5 star Boutique Hotels.

The plot area is 4,165.54 sqm and is located at an altitude of 250 meters from the sea on the southeastern side of the island overlooking the island of Anafi. In this area there will be 17 suites, Reception, Restaurant, Spa area and gym.

The total covered area is ​​1200 sqm and the architectural study was based on the idea of ​​a small village with scattered buildings, so as not to affect the cohesion of this small settlement, creating green spaces, paths, a sense of isolation and relaxation always on the high supply and cleanliness. The elements of the traditional architecture of the settlement will vary within the space and there will not be a unit with a certain style and large volume that will spoil the style of the natural terrain and the architecture of the area.

The buildings will be divided into groups in order to understand the analysis of the buildings in the space. The altitude difference of the plot from the lowest point to the highest is about 30 meters (240 m - 270 m)

Ownership of  N KARPATHIOS SA Group