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Karpathios Panagiotis


Panagiotis Karpathios graduate at LONDON SOUTH BANK UNIVERSITY in 2006, has been working as an MSc CIVIL ENGINEERING since 2007, undertake studies of metallic building projects, residences, hotel complexes. Responsible for the development and management of the owned properties 120,000 m2 of commercial and industrial warehouses.
  • Chairman and Managing Director of SYZEFXIS Ltd (Leasing of Real Estate)
  • Vice Chairman of M N KARPATHIOU SA (Leases of Real Estate)
  • Chairman and Managing Director of BEL CANDO SUITES MEPE (Hotel & Tourist Enterprises)

Karpathios Nikolaos

General Manager of the Construction Industry

Nikolaos Karpathios started as a building contractor and founder of N KARPATHIOS SA. He is now responsible for the construction and organization of the construction site as well as the maintenance of the properties of N KARPATHIOS SA.

Karpathiou Maria

Hr Manager

Karpathiou Maria, graduate of TEI of Patras in Business Administration and a graduate of ASTON UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM, has been working in the company since 2015 as a communications and personnel management officer. Also participates in the group companies as:
  • Chairman & CEO of M & K KARPATHIOU SA (Leases of Real Estate)
  • Member N KARPATHIOS SA (Commercial and Construction Company)
  • Member of SYZEFXIS LTD (Leases of Real Estate)

MilIsis Sotiris

Surveying Engineer

Milisis Sotiris, graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is responsible for the issuance of building permits and their supervision in every project of the company.

Vaios Potououdis

Financial Advisor

Vaios Potioudes, graduate of Thessaloniki University of Accountancy, is responsible for the financial adviser of the company and keeps the accounts of the companies of the group.

Lagaki Dimitra


Lagaki Dimitra is a graduate of the School of Architecture of the University of Xanthi, responsible for the Architectural Design and supervision of these in the company's projects.

Luiza Manolis


Luiza Manolis, graduate of the School of Architecture of the University of Crete, is responsible for the decoration, photorealistic, lighting, interior design and supervision of the company's projects.

Agathi Darra

Secretarial support

Agathi Dararas is responsible for organizing archive and secretarial support for the company.