The smart warehouse case study


44.990 sqm


15.727 sqm


22.000 sqm

Rikia, Aspropyrgos, Attica

Ongoing Project

Client Overview

ALFAOMEGA: Steering Towards a Distinctive Edge in Pharma Logistics across Greece.

Rapidly evolving, ALFAOMEGA has not only blossomed into a robust pharmaceutical company but also carved its niche as a top-tier logistics firm, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction throughout Greece and being hailed as the nation’s premier employer in logistics services.

Understanding the challenge

When ALFAOMEGA entrusted us with their requirements, the magnitude of the undertaking was palpable, driven by a vital deal with a globally renowned pharmaceutical firm. The endeavor involved the safeguarding and storage of precious, sensitive products within an imposingly tight schedule of 10 months.

Primary Hurdles

  • Excavation up to 18 meters due to the site's steep slope, involving the removal of over 190,000 m³ of natural soil.
  • Crafting our strategy and methodology from scratch, owing to the absence of pre-existing studies.
  • Overseeing a contemporaneous 200,000 m² development, thrusting the team into a high-pressure scenario.
  • Adhering to LEED certification standards throughout the development.

Despite these enormous challenges and the significant risk to profit, we pledged our unwavering support to our client.

Innovating Solutions to Triumph over Adversities

In collaboration with renowned consulting firms in Greece, our adept team embraced the pivotal challenge of timely soil excavation and removal. Meticulously analyzing timelines and orchestrating workforce and machinery coordination, the project was delivered punctually.

graph timeframe

Structural Details

  • Plot Size: 44,990 m²
  • Constructed Building Coverage: 15,727 m²
  • Two-level Building Complex Total Area: 22,000 m² (Height: 11.5 m)

The warehouse is delineated into zones, including freezer and chiller areas, with temperature control across all surfaces (4-22 Celsius). Additional features include a sunlight protection system and a self-sufficient energy system, complying with premier logistics standards.

Harnessing Efficiency and Technological Prowess

Our innovative, smart warehouse design incorporates high-efficiency technologies and climate and humidity control systems to preclude adverse impacts on sensitive product storage, alongside a robust security and day-to-day operational system.

Championing Sustainability: LEED Certification

Our commitment to both people and the environment is mirrored through the adherence to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, globally recognized as a testament to sustainability achievement and leadership, ensuring a healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green building.

The first LEED-certified logistics building in Greece with a capacity of 22.000 m²

Revitalizing the Surroundings

With a nod to promoting biodiversity and rehabilitating natural spaces, the surrounding 11,580 m² has been attentively landscaped with Mediterranean flora across various plant categories.

Eco-friendly Features:

  • Intelligent irrigation system utilizing smart sensors and exclusively utilizing collected rainwater.
  • High SRI materials to minimize heat island effects on all hard surfaces.
  • Exemplary exterior lighting designed to thwart photo pollution and conserve energy through automation and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Inherent Responsibility: Eco-friendly Construction Practices

Ensuring minimal impact on the environment and human health during construction:

  • Utilizing over 30% recycled content materials.
  • Adhering to Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and low VOCs emissions standards.
  • Installing faucets with regulated flow for water conservation.
  • Implementing smart energy meters to meticulously monitor consumption, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Moreover, our Construction & Demolition Waste management plan guarantees at least 75% recycling and diversion of waste from landfills, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

Pileas Park embodies a quintessential example of navigating through substantial challenges, risk management, and innovation to create a state-of-the-art, sustainable, and smart pharma logistics warehouse, cementing our position as leaders in development.